Tuesday, July 28, 2009

everywhere and everywhy

the skin on my hands is soft and fragile because i wore the tough layer off on a swing today.
i basically did nothing today. actually not nothing, i went to danielle's and took away her cowgirl boots. i needed them boots! actually, what i need more is my own pair. i want a nice pair, but they're really expensive. my mom's ex-husband had a collection of really expensive cowboy boots, he was such an asshole. i wonder what stephen is doing right now? probably all alone in that big house. or maybe he's dating one of his college students. apparantly he is coming out with a new book. i wonder if my mom will read it just to see all the stupid poetry he's written about their divorce. she probably will, i don't know why but she probably will.

good god it's so hot. i'm worried about my laptop because it's scorching. poor baby computer.
the heat is much more intense when you're typing away on a laptop that's also really hot.

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