Saturday, July 25, 2009

need a lil love to ease da pain

today is really good in so many ways. the weather, the smells in the air, the way it was raining for fifteen minutes and suddenly stopped, the good kind of awake the coffee i had gave me, how it will be nighttime soon. EVERYTHING IS GREAT.

i applied at AA and i don't know really. i went for one of the open call interviews. everyone else there was so ridiculously anti-trendy. one guy was reading the bible and called the store american eagle. it would be cool if he got the job. the reason i'm not totally doubtful is because i didn't screw up during the interview - i was really calm, really collected and afterwards the girl who interviewed me said "don't be surprised if you hear back from us." i don't know if they say this to everyone or what? i'm not gonna get my hopes up or anything. they take your picture and i took danielles advice to look completely apathetic when they took mine. i'm so unphotogenic though.

pray 4 me

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