Sunday, July 26, 2009

what a disappointment

last night was not very good.

i was supposed to meet up with Mary at the fireworks and i got on the skytrain to go there but it was raining so she went home. i was kind of pissed because i was under the impression that it was only sprinkling rain, but as soon as i actually got outside of the skytrain i realized that it was actually pissing rain and wasn't pissed anymore because i would probably have gone home too.

for whatever reason i decided that i was going to the beach anyway. bad idea. there were zero babes there and zero losers who would be willing to give me some of their drugs. just bad. after half an hour of walking barefoot in the disgusting wet sand (the fireworks haven't even started at this point) i decided to go home because i was soaked, there was nowhere to sit, and i had no way to keep dry. i walked from english bay to granville skytrain station - this was slightly uplifting for whatever reason.

on the skytrain home there were a bunch of drunk surrey/new west losers. alternative school loser types. one of them was trying to rap or something, he was really loud and scary. the police would occasionally come onto the train and they took one guy off because he was being uncooperative. as the train left they all screamed "FUCK THE PIIIIIIGS" or something like that.
at one point one of the fat ed hardy wearing girls was on the ground, i don't know why.

anyway i finally got home and stayed up until about 2 A.M doing nothing important. i had anxiety, i still have anxiety. something feels bad.

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