Monday, August 17, 2009

4 A.M blogs

hey guys. i haven't written in a few days.
sorry about that.
i don't actually know who i am apologizing to. probably myself because i don't like it when i create a journal or a blog and then get lazy and give up on it.

GOD DAMN IT i can see the veins in my wrists and hands and it's bothering me. yuck.

today (yesterday, rather) i got some more clothes and my dad paid off my costume dress. yes. i have it now. it's beautiful and i love it.

it's way puffier than you can see in this picture. lots of layers and stuff. it feels really cool to wear too.

Nobody wants to go with me to see Akira and Ghost in the Shell at midnight at the rio theatre on friday. absolutely nobody. it's so depressing i think i'll just go by myself in costume and see if anybody who isn't gross comes and strikes up a conversation with me. that's how i meet people - either through people or by just standing and mentally willing the other person to come and talk to me because i'd feel so forceful initiating conversation. it works more than you would imagine, actually.

i found out there is a male version of gothic lolita. it's called kodona and it's beautiful. i wish i knew people who would be willing to dress up with me and go to events and look cool altogether. perhaps i will know people like this one day. perhaps.

anyway we just had a fire evacuation thing which was dumb and it'll be daylight out soon so i might aswell try and get to sleep.

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