Tuesday, August 4, 2009

giving up

i give up trying to pursue friendships.
the paranoia of the person maybe wanting nothing to do with you or not wanting to hang out with you or talk to you at all is way too much.
i'm just going to sit back and maybe cool people will come to me.
i'm going to learn chess and join chess club. i've realized that the only people worth meeting in high school are the nerds because they're focusing on things that matter while everyone else is focusing on having as many aquaintances or people they can get drunk with as possible or whatever. i don't know how to word it properly.

it's tuesday and i have no significant plans for weeks, months.
my entire life is based on having something in the near future to look forward to.
i tell my mom about this and she tells me to get a job. she doesn't realise that i've applied at every place that i can and nobody is hiring me.

i love miss universe japan.

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