Saturday, August 29, 2009

why can't i sleep???

well this is unnerving. went to bed at 1 and tossed & turned or whatever for two hours so I just got up. made some miso soup that my dad bought me today. it tastes like crap. like fish. yuck.

we went to the asian night market beforehand! it was how it is everytime I go there. not a problem, though. here are some useful things I bought there:

cute stationery crap.

a pencilcase that looks like a cat. nice.

a compact mirror that is supposed to look like an oreo cookie.

a fabric covered planner/scheduler thing.

domo-kun keychain.

my mom is moving to ladner on sunday. I don't know much about ladner and I definitely don't know how to get there by bus. kind of worried.

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