Friday, September 11, 2009

a long-awaited update

hey. it's been a little while. maybe a week or so? i'm not sure.

so i didn't get in to burnaby mountain after all and now i'm doing my courses online. i had to choose four courses and complete the first assignments, but i couldn't complete two out of the four - for whatever reason they didn't have planning 10 on the website and english 10 instructs me to complete my first assignment upon registration. i really wish i hadn't slacked off when i was younger because i'm stuck doing grade 10 work when i should be doing grade 11 work. i guess it isn't that bad though, because at least i'm not stuck in a classroom full of 14 year olds and i have the comfort of being able to do this at home.

i lost my goddamned wallet yesterday. everytime i think about it i feel really upset. i think i lost it on the bus home, but i don't know how the hell how because i always put my wallet in by bag right after showing it to the bus driver. i don't want to jump to conclusions but perhaps somebody pickpocketed me? i hope not. even if they did all they really got was a september bus pass and last year's go-card. it's not like i had any money in there or anything. but i still had some important things in there and i'd really like it back. i phoned translink's lost property line this morning and they gave me some bullshit about it taking 2 business days for the lost stuff to be turned in. what. the. hell. give me my wallet! i need it now! how aggravating.

anyway i've completed my two assignments and now i have shit all to do for the rest of the day.

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