Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my stuffed rabbit smells not nice

i was introduced to restaurant city! it's much better than farm town. at first i was reluctant to play any sort of game on facebook ever again but i am pleasantly surprised with restaurant city.

today i didn't do anything except go for a consultation with a plastic surgeon. it was delightful and i think i am going ahead with the surgery. the doctor told me she would send my information off to the government for approval, would hear back from them in up to 12 weeks, and then give me a call so we can schedule for the surgery. i filled out lots of paperwork. the surgery will probably happen in 6-18 months. she gave me some information on aftercare which sounds dreadful but i think i can handle it. i just hope i don't scar too badly.


  1. Oh my. What are the details regarding the aftercare? Are you guaranteed to scar to some degree? Is it often bad? What what said during the consultation?

  2. Rest and avoid any strenuous physical actibity for the first 2 weeks. Your breasts will be swollen for at least six weeks and their final size will not be established for months. During the first 48 hours apply a wet facecloth placed in the freezer, or a bag of frozen peas to the sides of your breasts if you are having discomfort. Avoid placing anything frozen directly on your nipples or areola. You may lie on your side two weeks after surgery. You should not lie on your stomach for at least six weeks.

    The surgical incisions are usually thin at first, but may become thick and red for up to six months, and then begin to fade. It takes at least one year before final scar is established. Taping your scars with paper tape continuously for three months may improve their appearance.

  3. Well that just sounds um completely horrible.