Sunday, September 27, 2009

this blog entry in point/bullet form

  • i ate a whole bag of green grapes in two days (i think it was just me, maybe someone else ate some of it though)
  • my nose still looks stupid
  • i feel like puking (think it has something to do with the grapes)
  • taiko drum master is a really awesome game
  • the amount of complaining i do is going to ruin any possible friendships i might ever have (nobody wants to listen to someone complain)
  • i'm going to sleep at an hour that ISN'T absurd tonight
  • hopefully my school stuff will be sorted out by tomorrow afternoon
  • my anxiety is through the roof lately
  • kokanee beer is tasty, i don't want to make a habit of it though because a) it's fattening and b) i just don't want to make a habit out of drinking beer
  • apparently there is more to life than sleep, going to the gym, the internet, and eating but it seems so unattainable
  • i'm a little worried about my sweet danielle (cheer up gurl)
  • i'm scared my dad has H1N1

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