Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the bane of my existence

is this stupid, stupid science assignment. it's probably not stupid actually, i think i'm the stupid one because it's been about a month and i still can't figure it out. i asked somebody on the internet for help and they helped me and i was so happy when i submitted the assignment because i was finally over with it but i checked my inbox this morning and my science teacher said i did it all wrong and gave me little to no clarification as to how i am supposed to do it the "right" way.

when i wake up from my nap which i am going to take after i finish this blog entry, i am going to read the last 19 pages of this book

and when i have finished reading those final 19 pages i will have finished reading this book in less than 24 hrs. it's my favorite book now. even more of a favorite than Idoru, probably. i am also reading

it isn't as good as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and much, much longer and i am really not as interested in it as TCIOTDITNT but i am interested in it and it is funny and i like it. i wish i had money so i could buy both of these books and put them in my bookshelf which is full and cannot hold any more books so i would have to buy an additional bookshelf to shelve them which is another reason i wish i had money. but i like to be able to take a book i've read out of my bookshelf to re-read it or even just look at it or something. and i can't do that when the book is at the library and other people are borrowing it.

anyway my stepsister has just come home and i'm afraid of her going into the bathroom for a long time so nobody else can use it so i will finish this blog entry right here so i can go use the bathroom and then go to sleep. bye

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