Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i'm conflicted!

i really don't know whether i should switch to tumblr or not. maybe anyone who reads my blog and knows anything about blogs could comment on this entry and tell me what i should do? i know you won't do it.

anyway i wrote a whole essay about capital punishment today. somebody told me i spelled it wrong but i don't think i spelled it wrong. it said "capital" punishment and not "capitol" punishment on the assignment info page and i googled it and i think it's called "capital" punishment in Canada instead of "capitol" punishment. it was only supposed to be an essay outline but i wrote the essay first, saved a copy of the essay and then edited it to make it look like an outline. i did everything backwards.

11 days till halloween
67 days till xmas
80 days till my birthday

why can't we have these here???

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