Sunday, November 1, 2009


i feel sort of bad because i haven't seen my mom in a couple months and she arranged this dinner-gettogether type thing with my cousin and i but it keeps feeling through every time she arranges it. she told me it wasn't happening (again) this morning but she asked me if i wanted to come visit anyway, except all she would be doing is painting. and i really didn't want to go all the way to ladner for a few hours to watch my mom paint and breathe in some fumes, so i declined. she sounded disappointed and i felt terrible right away.

anyway, i'm feeling really content with everything right now. i think that's the main reason i haven't been updating this as frequently. i'm way less stressed out too, i finished the first science module (probably failed it) and moved on to the second one, which is chemistry, which i really like for some reason.

i cut all my hairs off like i said i would. it's super short. i still have bangs though, i can't part with my bangs. halloween was lots of fun! wearing fake blood for extended periods of time is really uncomfortable, to say the least.

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