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pictured above is Park Da Som, who is sort of famous for having tons of cute pictures of herself all over the internet. she was arrested for pimping and beating her friends; in particular one who was down and out and needed her help. this is her story:

I don't know where to start. I was in distress 24 hours a day for 3 months, during which time it felt like it would never end. It lasted until March, and the matter still troubles my conscience even now. It's not a lie, which is why i remember the exact days to verify the story. Really... it is not a lie, please listen to my story. At first I was scared and confused. I feel a burning shame for these things. but many people want to help me, so I'm writing this.

I have proof that what I say is not a lie. Many people already know that I ate cat feces... it is true. That day I ran away. That was my second time to run away, but every time I tried, she caught me. I told her i couldn't eat that and that I would rather her hit me, and then she would go ahead and hit me. Then she would force me to eat cat poo, but i couldn't do it... Then, she would put it in my mouth and make me chew it. I felt nauseous, but i swallowed. After that, she ate Chinese black instant noodles, then she threw it up and made me clean it with my bare hands. After that, she said she would make me "hangover" soup. In it, she put in wasabi and ginseng and made me drink it. Then she said "Anyway, it's better than not eating anything, right? " So I said "Yes."

Her friends wanted money from me, too. They asked Park Da-Som(super cute girl's real name) if I could help them, and she said "Do whatever you want." But I was already afraid of Park Da-Som, so I couldn't refuse her friends. Anyway I paid off her friend's debts.

On her birthday, she booked her birthday party at an expensive place. The party cost more than 600,000 won, and 20 people came to it. But i couldn't sleep for 3 days because I had to make the money. She told me "If you can't make 600,000 won, then you will ruin my last teenage birthday. And if that happens, I will kill you. "

I was tired and had sores on my mouth from working too much, but I couldn't sleep because I had to find more guys. I couldn't eat anything, but when I said that to her she got angry at me because she thought I was faking. After that, she would force me to eat. She wanted lots of money from me but I couldn't make that much. So I wanted tell anybody about my situation. After finishing sex with a customer and getting money from them, I would have to go meet her. And while walking in the road, I thought about dieing. "How can I die naturally..." Or I would think "If I got pregnant, then would I have to do it anymore?" I thought things like this maybe 1000 times...

One day, after sleeping with some old guy, I was so tired that I fell asleep at the motel.
But she came there and pushed me and stepped on my face, then gave me a hard kick on my belly with her boot. It was winter then, and you know in winter the boots are very tough. She took me to her home, and at her home her mom was there. So she locked the door to her room and hit me with a pipe until I was bleeding from the head. So I told her I was sorry about being late, and that it wouldn't happen again.
But she said she didn't care that I was bleeding, and she made me lie down and then she sat on my stomach and tried to kick my face.
I turned my face as an involuntary response, so she ended up slashing my cheek.
Blood flew onto my eye, and I couldn't open my one eye and it changed to a blackish color.

After that, we went An-San Goryeo hospital. I had already been to the police station before, so Park Da-som reminded me "You are wanted by the police". So I couldn't use my medical card, or the police would know where I was. So if I got off from her side they would arrest me. I knew that what she said was all true. That's why I stayed with her and had sex with old men. My eye was treated using Park Da-som's medical card.
And that day too she made me ate cat poo, so the doctor had difficulty because I smelt like cat poo.
Even though I had hurt my eye she still made me try prostitution. I still did that because I couldn't do anything. When I met guys they were surprised about my body because I had bruises everywhere. But every time I said to them that it was just from an accident. One day I came back to Park Da Som's home and looked in the mirror. My eye was so puffed up that I couldn't open it, and from my eye pus was oozing out of the wound. I had to go to the hospital, but I couldn't tell to her. Anyway, she made me eat cat poo again, so I ran away from her and went back to my home.

My mom asked to me about my eye, but I couldn't tell her that it was because of Super Cute Girl. I still have a scar because when I got the ooze from my eye, I should have gone to the hospital right away, but I waited too long.

Oneday i was sleeping but not really sleeping. My father was close to me and he was crying. At that time my heart broke. I wanted to die. My parents gave money to Park Da-som because she told my parents I had used her money and that she had let me stay for free at her home. I feel so sorry about letting that happen to my parents.
When I think about that time, I think of myself as a real moron. I'm really sorry to my parents...

I went back to Park Da-Som because I couldn't get off her side, and needed money again. So, I tried to work harder. One day, she said "I prayed to God for you to come back here again. Thank you for coming back." I told her "No, don't say that to me. I'm more sorry than you." She asked me "So, you won't try to run away again?" And I replied "Yes, I won't go away anymore" Though we talked like that, it wasn't true. Eventually my mom found me and brought me back to my home. That was the last time I met Park Da-Som But after me, there was another girl Park Da-Som did the same thing to (referred to as "B" girl) Anyway, after my mom picked me up she asked me about what happened. She asked me over and over, But I didn't say anything to her, just pushed her away and made her get out my room. In February I tried to kill myself, but my mom helped me to live. Frankly, I'm still disturbed about everything that happened, but many people are helping me so that I can write this.

Hmm... It's already been 5 months. My life is getting better. I meet with my friends and I've been growing happier again, knowing that I don't have to see her anymore. But I feel burdened again because I talk about her again.. Many things happened in those 3 months, so I don't know how to chronicle everything. I just want to tell to you all "Please trust me. I'm not lying." I was physically damaged and emotionally hurt. Maybe Park Da-som will read this and she will be angry at me again. I already know what she will think. She told me before: "If you go to the police and tell about all this, then I will kill myself and tell everyone that my death is because of you! Then people will think I'm a poor victim. Think about that well. Also, if I die, my friends are going to kill you, too. "
Yes, if somebody reads this then they will think I'm a moron or stupid. But I believed what she said. That's why I did all that. I was really, really scared. Please trust me. Please...

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