Wednesday, December 2, 2009

comic/graphic novel collection!

the entire Wet Moon series (which isn't over yet!) this is probably my favorite comic. i solemnly swear to purchase every single one of these that comes out.

ugh. these are bad

i think there are lots more of these, but i only bought the first three issues. i want the rest. i should work on that.

i was a huge jhonen vasquez tard.

moar ross campbell! i really liked this, but i guess they just gave up after this one or something because there's only one in the series and it's been a few years since it came out.

i bought these when i had tons of money to spend on whatever i thought looked cool. they're cute.

for some reason my dad thought Lenore was really clever or something and he bought me a bunch of them. they're cute, that's about it.

and for weeaboo cred: the first chobits book. it was $2 at a used bookstore. hahaha

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