Thursday, December 10, 2009

i write this as i sit in bed wearing a spock shirt and sock monkey pajama pants

i haven't updated in a little while because i'm lazy. also because i didn't have anything to talk about.

i've been playing a lot of farmville lately, i think it's beginning to take its toll on my mental health. i become anxious when i think about how many hours until my precious poinsettia crops wither away and die, costing me a pretty penny in virtual farm-gold.

i played a lot of bible black yesterday and today. i think i have finished it, but i am also wondering if i maybe just lost, because the ending involved my character ejaculating to death on the roof of his school. i am thinking that is not how the game was supposed to end. oh well, i guess it's my fault as i made some "immoral decisions" in the game... i.e jacking off all over a girl while she was passed out in the bed in the nurse's office. i thought that was what the game wanted me to do! I SWEAR
i didn't even get to have sex with one of my teachers, or the girl i have been best friends with since my childhood. but i did get to bang my cousin/sister. except i was blindfolded and under a spell and i didn't know.
i want to play an eroge game which is more interactive.

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