Monday, December 21, 2009


i refuse to let this blog die. i hope that doesn't jinx me, everytime i have a livejournal or blog set up and i say something like "i refuse to let this blog die" it dies shortly afterward.

my knees hurt. growing pains? am i even growing anymore?

oh god, christmas with my mom is tomorrow. i'm so excited. she got me a 360 (it's all i asked for). and tuesday morning (i think...?) we're off to the island to visit my grandmother and she's gonna take me shopping. i feel like a spoiled brat. it's nice. i need new clothes (badly). a new jacket, seriously, i'm so goddamned tired of that tna cargo bullshit.

oh oh oh
last week i watched every single episode of metalocalypse. that show is excellent. i love toki's songs.

my eyes are getting really heavy now
merry xmas to anybody who reads this.

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